Which Social Media Platform To Choose For My Business?

We are a Social Media Marketing Agency, we help Businesses to get more leads and use various social media platforms to publish content for our clients.

We decide various Social Media Platforms based on knowing the audience of our services, there interests and other aspects depending on what our client is selling. So, we present facts and figures before you to show which platform to choose based on your audience.

Which Social Media Platform To Choose For My Business?

Instagram :

Audience : 1.3 billion

Age : 14–35 years of age group

If you want to sell something which is used by the people of this age group, choose to spend your marketing spend on Instagram.

Eg. Fashion Products, salon services, restaurants

Key Notes:

  • People love watching videos and photos on Instagram.
  • People search new places and products  on instagram using hashtags.

Facebook :

Age  : 14 – 65 years of people

If you want to sell wealthy services or even some products that cost a hefty amount, you should choose Facebook. But, that doesn’t means if your services are for Below 35 you should not advertise products used by the age group of below 35, you can advertise on Facebook.

eg) Dentist services, fashion products,

Benefits :

  • You can re-target your audience through facebook

LinkedIn : 

If you have business to business services (b2b) or product, go for it as you will find so many industry people. You can also buy premium version of LinkedIn

eg) if you are a software agency that sell softwares to hotels, if you are agency that design web services for Businesses.

Pinterest :

If you blog, sell products, or sell any service then go for Pinterest. It’s a great platform to share your content or products as it is a great platform and so many users that may like your products or services.

92 %


of the brands are marketing themselves on Facebook.

53 %


of the brands like a page for discounts & promotions.



0f the people follow one brand or the other on instagram.

97 %


of the buyers think that you should be on social media.

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