20 Ways to get more patients to my clinic

We are a Digital Marketing Agency that help health clinics to  gain more patients that pay and refer the services to other patients which ultimately generates more patients for your clinic. 

 We believe in this modern digital marketing era, ways have actually changed to market your business. According to our experience, as we have  worked with dental or other health clinics, the strategies which we are about to suggest and used practically for our clients (doctors / dentists ) actually helped them to generate more patients.

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20 Ways to get more patients to my dental clinic?

A Potential Dentist ? Yaa! We trust you. You have a clinic and want more new patients that actually help you to keep your dental clinic running. We can help you to keep your dental practice go smoothly. We have practiced these tips for our doctors being a digital marketing agency and believe me, they actually work!

1. Get Yourself Recognized on Google Maps And Directory Listings :

The first step is to target the local audience around your clinic and giving them the following details like  address , contact details , a website link of your clinic , directions and a short description.

Now, you must be wondering how to do that? Just click on Google My Business and the rest is a step by step task. Listing in to google maps will help you to capture that patients who generally search ” Dentist near me” or ” Dental Clinics near me”. So, you can actually target your real local audience. As a Digital Marketing Agency we ensure that our clients follow these tips and work with these guidelines.

This is very important as Google is the Godfather of this digital World. If you have a website or planning to get one, then google directory listing will eventually help you to rank better on Google.

2. Get A Website

A basic requirement for your clinic is a website. Get yourself recognised on the web and make your presence felt in the digital world.

Confused where to get a website from? 

We are here for you! Just fill out the form at Angelz Media and get the best website development company for your clinic like our other clients did. We develop websites that are SEO or Google friendly with latest WordPress Technology using latest website development skills.

Now, we talked about how to get a website but what are the actual benefits of having one? They are endless but some are:

a) Getting more clients through web when they search you

b) Scheduling appointments for your patients

c) Uploading Testimonials or New Offers

d) Offering your Blogging Channel

There are many more and endless of them …..

3. Search Engine Optimization :

Having a website and bringing traffic to it is done by Search Engine Optimization. Now you must be confused What is Search Engine Optimization or SEO ?

As we know there are number of clinics in your town offering the same service as you do. So, these clinics may or may not have an online presence. If they have then they will compete with your website to achieve a ranking better than you. So, SEO consists of techniques that actually help your website to come on the first page of Google Rankings.

The best ways to check on page SEO of your website is SEO Site Check Up , you can use SEOBOOK to see keywords density, and improve your scores by contacting us.

Why is it important?

Just imagine you get 10 new patients everyday. Exciting?

Yes! It guarantees you that! So, spending on this is a big yes!

4. Build Attractive Hoarding or Billboards Outside Your Clinic :

Appearances do matter, Obviously. Get attractive classic Billboards and Hoardings outside your clinic so nearby people or regular passing people become your patients. Make a themed clinic and brand yourself that eventually initiate a trust within your clinic.

That is just the part of Branding which carries out your reputation in front of your patients.

5. Organise Various Health Camps:

Organise public health camps for free and offer your paid services through your clinic. Spreading free awareness about dental health in local colonies, public places obviously with required legal permissions, colleges and schools.

Advertise about those campaigns through Social Media, Public Posters etc. to spread more awareness about your campaign.

6. Generate Various Social Media Campaigns :

Post the best content on facebook, instagram and generate leads through social media. As a Social Media Marketing Agency we create the best content and we actually generate new leads which helped our fellow clients or dentists to generate extra income in just a few bucks. The generated 20 new patients every month with happy reviews on social media and google reviews for there clinics.

How to create Organic or Real Content?

Instagram Marketing and Facebook Marketing requires new content which needs to be produced on monthly basis. So we are the best Social Media Marketing Agency in India and provide with best organic video and image content with call to action content that ultimately generate you leads. Fill out the contact form and generate new clients with our planned campaigns that actually engage your audience.

You can also gain more organic like and followers on instagram.

7. Social Media Paid Campaigns :

When we generate organic content then there is a need to reach more patients for your clinic which can actually be achieved within a few bucks. We plan and choose the audience who maybe interested in your service on various social media platforms.

8. Getting Positive Google Reviews Through Your Current Patients :

Google Reviews can give your clinic a major believability support without spending a lot of money. The major advantages of getting Google reviews is that it gives you higher rankings, evening the odds, expanding your online presence, and helping to gain trust of your patients as they are totally organic.

So what are Google Reviews exactly about and how can you achieve positive ones? It basically allow any good business or clinics in your case, to prove themselves to their potential clients or customers. This actually avoids false practices, fake campaigns and keep a monopoly in the market.

9. Google Adwords or Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC) :

The highest advantage of Google AdWords is that it works quicker than SEO.The first top 3 results which we see for a keyword is through Pay-Per-Click. Both SEO and Google AdWords are advertising techniques to produce more traffic and generate leads for your clinic. In any case, a very much upgraded AdWords battle can work a lot quicker for a business to get the much pined for first spot in hunt.

How to gain more customers?

How to gain more customers?

Obviously, this does not imply that you ought to disregard natural sources or SEO, as they have all the more long haul benefits and help in long run. Be that as it may, with AdWords, there is a superior shot of driving more traffic and leads in a flash. Furthermore, the stage is increasingly straightforward, and you know precisely what’s going on with the advertisements.

10. Retarget Your Audience With Advertisements :

The easiest example of retargeting is , Amazon which is the best example of retargeting. When we add a product in a cart and when we leave it, then the same product is re-targeted to us when we open facebook, instagram , youtube or all the possible websites where we visit on the internet. Now, it might had been clear where to spend your money on advertising. As a Social Media Marketing Agency we create funnels that help our dentist to generate more leads.

11. Start a Dental Blog

Today we google every single problem or a fact which we want to gain information about. So, be the one generating content for your patients and get recognized throughout the world. According to our research, there are only few bloggers in the dental world. So, you can be the next social celebrity blogger with just your knowledge and experience.

How to achieve it ?

Firstly, you should have a full fledge website which you can have by filling up the form. Then set up a blogging eco-system and start controlling the world with your knowledge.

12. Seek Business Referrals From Other Clinics :

So, there are many health clinics and there must be more near your locality, be friends with the fellow doctors or people around you and seek business referrals for your clinic. Physically meet those doctors and share your services and patients within a planned way.

13. Distribute Press Releases :

Google believes in trust and it’s governing your every activity on the internet. It knows where your website is ranking and where you are being talked and recognized. The more press releases you have the more google will trust you and more rankings your website will get. So,that will ultimately give you more clients.


14.  Plan a day and call your patients for Fun Events related to Dental Awareness at Your Clinic:

You can make presentations and small videos about awareness and latest modern problems related to oral health and invite all you patients to attend it. Allow your patients to bring some family and friends for free that will ultimately help you to get more referrals. People who will be invited, arrange some snacks for them. That will create a good gesture and help you to convert them as patients.

15. Create a Friendly Culture & a Trustworthy Aura :

Creating a neat, hygienic eco-system in your clinic will eventually create more trustworthy, professional environment for your patients and they may look forward to you in future.

A clinic with neat and clean environment helps to create an aura that is positive and more friendly to the patients.

16. Upgrade Your Appointment System :

Taking appointments can really be frustrating at times. If your patients have to wait a lot of time then that’s also a problem. Create an online booking system on your website or people can just call you and take the appointments rather that coming physically and then waiting for there turn. So, that must be well planned when it comes to the comfort of your patients.

17. Have a Trained Staff :

Having a well trained staff is always a plus point. Whenever a patient arrives at your clinic, firstly it deals with your staff to book an appointment or to carry our different tasks. So, if he/she has a humble and friendly communication, then it’s a good experience for your patients which they carry out after your service.

So, make sure your staff is well trained about the subject, is humble when they communicate with patients and friendly when taking the queries of your patients.

18. Set Patient Reminders : 

Setting up patient reminders like texting theme every time when they have an appointment due that will eventually help you to gain more sales. You can send text messages, email them and sometimes call them to set up a reminder. That may also help them to take time and care for there oral health.

19. Maintain Hygiene :

Again Creating a hygienic eco-system in your clinic will eventually create more trustworthy, professional environment for your patients and they may look forward to you in future.  That will also prevent diseases and germs from spreading around as you deal with number of patients daily.

A clinic with neat and clean environment helps to create an aura that is positive and more friendly to the patients.

20. Professional Branding :

Work on a theme starting from your logo to your stationary. If you have some billboards make them in the same theme as that of your logo. Your interior should be of the same pattern.

Print stationary in the same theme as that of your brand because that will eventually carry a reputation in front of your patients and create an impression of professionalism.

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