How To Rank On The Voice Search – Best Strategies For 2019

The Future Of SEO – Artificial Intelligence or The Voice Search – Best Strategies For 2019


We are a Digital Marketing Agency and have been working with Brands who actually wanted to grow there rankings. From our past experiences and working with over more than 500 clients we got the following conclusions that would actually help you to crack the method to rank your website using on Page SEO.

Voice Search

There are plenty of discussions that started concerning the long run of SEO and during this article, we tend to  discuss how voice, video and VR can modify the SEO. As we tend to be  obsessive about our smartphones and virtual assistants, most of the people try to command their smartphone  minimum once a day by saying “Hello Google”, “Hey SIRI”, “Alexa” and what not.

As the companies like Google and Apple are updating there virtual assistants and the rate of searches is being verbal by normal people is getting higher day by day. There will be a time when people will search most of the content verbally. So, our Digital Marketing Agency make sures to use and make simplified content that may help our clients to have better SEO rankings.

So how will this affect SEO ? What are the tips ?

As a Digital Marketing Agency, we make sure to follow these steps or points to rank way better. So, what we advice are as follows :

Build a Brand

As the EX-CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt, discussed how the Internet is turning into a spot where false data is flourishing. Basically, it is turning into a cesspool. So, his exact words were Brands are the solution, not the problem. Brands are how you sort out the cesspool.” 

That simply means , Grow a brand on which people and the search engines can trust. ( Google knows everything ).

Increase Your Page Speed

On an average voice search result page loads in 4.6 seconds. So, improving the loading time of your page is necessary. This will be on Page SEO.

Simplified and Verbal Keywords

Optimize your website with simplified and well research keywords. Also, be more mobile friendly and use keywords which people use more verbally and vocally. Optimize your website in such a way to be more visible in local searches. That will ultimately help to secure a rank.

Key Formula :   Publish valuable, highly-shareable content that is searched and that may improve your chances of ranking as a voice search result.

According to our experience, when we did On Page and Off Page SEO for our clients, we made simplified, valuable and more searched content for there website, we realized and achieved more traffic growth than usual. We used all the parameters required while designing websites and additionally doing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to achieve the desire results with 110% satisfied clients.

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