We have worked with many Big Ecommerce Stores and saw downfalls and rapid growth of these modern online selling platforms.  We have got it covered for you and if you need our marketing services than fill the form on the right.

So, is doing marketing the perfect option?

Yes, it is.

But what kind of marketing ? Shall you retarget? Use Google Ads ? Use Facebook Ads?  What are the other options ?

Don’t Worry! We have listed down for You!

1. A Great User Experience

We are assuming that your website is covering it all. Trust, is the only factor that will define whether a purchase will happen or not. Just ask these questions to yourself.

Does the picture quality of your products look amazing? 

Are your privacy and return policies defined?

Is your business looking like a brand?

Can your user create their account and operate them easily?

Is your website user-friendly? 

If you haves started this business, these questions must be answered and than your platform is ready for sales, views and marketing. If you have trouble or want a new website just click the link.

2. Marketing & Advertising

So, there are many options available for you, which are Google Ads, Facebook/Instagram Ads, Youtube Ads, Linkedin Ads, Twitter Ads, Snapchat Ads even TikTok Ads. It doesn’t matter what platforms it is, know your audience and you will find them in hundreds of different places.

If you have just started with marketing than most probably you should go with Facebook/ Instagram Ads  and retargeting.  Do customized targeting to your custom audience who have been visiting your website and left your website after adding to the cart. Start with Facebook/ Instagram Ads and than continue with Google Ads. Don’t Forget! Money is in the retargeting.    😉

If you need help to create creative advertisements that engage your audience than reach us.

3. Retain your Current Audience –

Target or reach those customers which have already bought from you. Don’t forget about them. So, here are some listed ways to retain your customers.

  1. Create your own customer list and retarget them using Paid Ads.
  2. Send them Emails regarding your new products which might interest them.
  3. Send them Occasional Discounts on festive days.
  4. Send them personalized messages and generate coupons on there names.

You can simply do all this by building a Email Subscription List on any leading Email Marketing Automation Tool. To get a consultation on Email Marketing fill out the above contact form.

4. Market your  Most Trending Products –

Market your best sellers and make sure you are providing them quality. Retarget them with Facebook/ Instagram, Google/Youtube Video Ads and Many More. If your are providing quality then they might visit your website again and be your regular customers.

5. Influencers Marketing

Partner with people who already have audiences’ and trust from there audience. We do not suggest to directly sponsor Top Movie Stars until you are on a budget.    Haha  😀  (If you have that kind of a marketing budget, don’t worry  we got you covered, Book in a Discovery Call with us. )

You can actually start small. Start by sending your popular products to influencers who may have a following on Youtube or Instagram and review products related to what you sell. Make sure that you are running those Influencers and making there promises fulfilled on your and there end.

6. Track Down Everything –

Track down every single activity. We are again assuming that you are using Google Analytics or Google Studio to track every visitor and it’s totally free. Decrease your bounce rate (by working on User Interface and Visual/ Video Content) and track your views, add to carts, most bought products and each and everything that is related to your website.

7. Provide a Quality Service –

If  you are sending your products/services to your customer than you are not just selling your product but an experience and matter of trust. If your customers have a pleasant experience than Congratulations, you have a new customer (I would say a new Fan) That’s  how a business become a Brand.

These are a few points which are very basic in nature and easy to set up. Whenever we work with our clients and partners , we set up these points with there Ecommerce Platform.

If you have read this much, then you might be doing something great and want to create a difference to the world.


All The Very Best and We are with You Always!

Angel for your Busienss 🙂

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